vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

A tribute to the tote

They are practical, they are sturdy and let's face it: they're just fun.

Tote bags!

Everywhere on the world wide web I read that they're not considered 'high fashion' and just 'come in handy', but I don't agree! Why shouldn't they be fashionable? There are so many great fabrics around and I actually love it that tote bags are so easy (and fun!) to make and adjustable to your own taste, the fashion colours of the season and to your favorite outfit or coat.

And really, they're much nicer than those plastic bags you get at every store (and better for the environment, let's not forget our pretty planet).

So here's my 'Ode to the Tote' (see, it already sounds more sophisticated). They are fun and easy to make. I know I've had so much fun making tote bags ever since I started to learn how to sew. You just alter your fabric or model a little and tadaah: a whole new bag!

But I'd also like to inspire you with my Top 5 Tote Tutorials. Really worth checking out!

Clockwise: 1. Purl Soho 20 Minute Tote 2. Skip to my Lou Reversible Tote Bag 3. Flamingo Toes Reversible Applique Book Tote 4. Lime Gardenias Summer Reading Library Book Bag 5. Maria Horner Dishtowel Tote Bag.

Look at the variety and the lovely colours! 

~Inspired? I know I am~

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Die zwarte is erg mooi, heb hem gelijk even gepint en ga hem misschien ooit (als ik tijd heb enzo) wel eens maken.
    Ik heb trouwens een kleine tote gewoon als handtas, ik vind ze namelijk erg leuk en handig!


  2. Esther, you should try your hand at our tote challenge. We have participants from Israel, India, Australia, Germany, and more, but none from The Netherlands! Your only obligation would be to make a tote and a blog post. You can find out more info at
    I hope you'll consider!!!!
    I'm off to take a look at your owl softies!
    Rikka J.
    Ricochet and Away!

  3. leuk hé? Mijn favoriet blijft nog altijd de piekeboe van eloleo!

  4. Yes, I'm inspired. My pooor, dusty sewing machine will be making a comeback! I love the fabric used in the 1st and last totes... xxx

  5. Ik vind ze geweldig! De tutorial van Purl Soho is mijn favoriet. Hoewel ik er toch wel iets langer dan 20 minuten mee bezig ben haha.

    Fijn weekend!

  6. I adore tote bags - love them in fact! I used to make and sell them, but no more. Now I just make them because I love them! Great round up.


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