About me

Welcome to Happy in Red!

Hi everyone! I am Esther. A journalist, (web)editor and blogger from Utrecht, The Netherlands. I feel so fortunate that I was able to make a profession out of writing about what inspires me.

  (Yes, that's me feeding a kangaroo there!!)

Writing is my one and true passion! In the past I've written for many magazines, websites, newspapers and a press agency. I was also the co-writer of two travel books! At the moment I am a freelance journalist for several website and magazines. I am always looking for new challenges, so if you think you have one for me? Be sure to let me know. Since I am the owner of Mooistestedentrips.nl, a Dutch travel website about city trips and a freelance writer for a travel magazine, don't be surprised if something travel related pops up here every once in a while.

This blog took me on a complete different journey however. In 2011 I discovered the crochet hook and the sewing machine and I have been hooked (pun definatley intended) ever since. To top all this I am now also a crazy Etsy shop owner by night. 

What else can I tell you about me? Well I...
  • Am married to my sweet love!
  • Absolutely adore all cats, but especially black talkative ones (I always talk back);
  • Have a thing for cycling and am mad about the Tour de France;
  • Have Red hair, hence my blog name;
  • Love Red nail polish for my toenails;
  • Am 6 feet tall (and yes, that is very tall);
  • Read everything I can get my hands on;
  • Even read whilst walking on the street (this is sometimes nasty, bumping-into-people-wise);
  • Have a Facebook page and a Twitter account these days. Dear oh dear;
  • Enjoy reading your lovely comments on my blog! 
Please read my disclaimer for all terms and conditions.

If you ever have a question for or about me, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

So, thank you for stopping by at Happy in Red. I hope you'll stay a while and post a comment every now and then!


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