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Crochet tutorial: The Waffle Shrug

Hallo hallo! Het is weer tutorial-tijd! Superleuke reacties kreeg ik afgelopen week weer op mijn shrug. Hij zit ook heerlijk, dus bedankt. Vandaag deel ik met jullie hoe je de shrug maakt. Het is echt een fluitje van een cent, dus sla aan het haken zou ik zo zeggen.

Hello everyone! It's tutorial time! Aww, you guys were very sweet last week about the shrug I made, and I love how snug and warm it is. So thank you! Today I am telling you how to make the shrug. It's really easy, so grab your hooks!

Crochet tutorial: The Waffle Shrug

To avoid mistakes in the pattern I am only writing down the tutorial in English, so nothing gets lost in translation. Alright? Good!

Translation of the crochet terms USA English >> Dutch:
Chain = losse

DC = Stokje
FP DC = Reliëfstokje (bekijk deze video voor uitleg)

What do you need?
- 6 balls of Scheepjeswol Silvi, I chose no.7 but just check out all the fun colors and colorways that are available!
- a 7 and 8 mm hook
- a tapestry needle
- stitch markers

Crochet tutorial: The Waffle Shrug


To start:
With your 8 mm hook, chain 70.

Round 1:
DC in 3rd chain from the hook, DC in every stitch.

Measure your work: this should be about 68-70 cm. If it's shorter, unravel round 1 and add some chains. If it's too long, unravel your work and unravel a few chains.

From now on you:
- Start every round with CH3 (counts as one DC)
- End every round with a DC.

The Front post double crochet
From round 2 you'll start working with the 'front post double crochet' (reliëfstokje in Dutch). Normally you crochet through both loops when making a DC. But with a 'front post double crochet' you crochet around they entire stitch. This makes the stitch 'pop up' a little.

If you want to see an example on how to do a 'front post DC', just watch this video, it's really easy. Promise.

I will shorten 'front post double crochet as' FP-DC.

At the end of every round, turn your work.

Okay, let's move on with our shrugs!

Round 2:
Start with Ch3, FP-DC, DC >> Keep alternating FP-DC and DC until the end. Your last stitch is always a DC (no matter what your second to last stitch was).

Round 3:
Start with CH3. Put a FP-DC on all the DC's of round 2 >> Put a DC on all the FP-DC of round 2. End your round with a DC.

Crochet tutorial: The Waffle Shrug

From now on, keep repeating what you did in Round 3. You'll see how a waffle pattern forms. Keep going until you have rectangle of 85 cm long. Fasten off, but leave a long piece of yarn attached.

Before you start making your shrug, block your rectangle. Here you can see how wet blocking your crochet works.

Make your shrug
Fold your rectangle in half, so you have a 42.5 cm x 70 cm rectangle. Take your tapestry needle and sew up the sides 2/3 from bottom to top. Now if you look, you can see the armholes. Fasten off and weave in all the ends.

Crochet tutorial: The Waffle Shrug

Crochet tutorial: The Waffle Shrug

Open up your shrug so the arm holes are in the middle. Fold the collar in the style you like it. Cast on 3 stitches below the armhole seam and SC all around the collar until 3 stitches below the other armhole. Fasten off and weave in your ends. I thought the armholes were nice enough, but if you like you can also SC around the armholes.

Crochet tutorial: The Waffle Shrug

Now, try on your shrug! If you like to shape it a little more, I suggest you block it in the shape you want to wear it. You can wear your shrug with a long sleeved t-shirt or a blouse and attach a nice brooche of you'd like to smarten it up!

Crochet tutorial: The Waffle Shrug

So, will you go on and make a shrug? It's so easy and nice to wear. The waffle pattern also seems to isolate a lot of warmth, so it's a perfect winter garment.

Alright beauties, have fun with it!

9 opmerkingen

  1. Een super leuk vestje, maar jammer dat het patroon in het Engels is !
    grtjs Mieke

  2. Schitterend ! Staat je heel mooi. Dank voor de beschrijving.

    Groetjes, Tinne

  3. bedankt voor de beschrijving maar heb wel moeite met de vertaling.

    1. Tis écht niet moeilijk. Een DC is een stokje en een FP-DC een reliëf stokje en dan om-en-om. Ik doe nooit moeilijk hoor, geen tijd voor ;-)

  4. Beautiful! Love it!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  5. This shrug looks great! Warm and comfy but not too bulky. Pinned for later!
    I would love if you shared this at our Yarn Fanatic Linky Party -
    And don't forget to enter the giveaway while you're there!

  6. Thank you for that tutorial! The shrug is great!

  7. Love it! Thank you for the tutorial!

    I've made this a feature at the Yarn Fanatic Party! Come check it out, and maybe leave another link and enter the giveaway, here:

  8. It looks fantastic, thanks for sharing the tutorial! I think I could manage to whip one up for this coming winter no problems.

    And thanks for sharing in our first ASWC Together linky party for 2015!




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